Cities Database(backlink to  

This page is an example of the VDD(c)2000 Technology.

In a single file are contained: The search software, the database, and the front tier HTML.

The database have 12.893 records, and can be listed in natural order ou by cities (others indexes can be created by demand).

The two search keys allow combinations of:
(more keys can be created by demand)
1) key1 and key2
2) key1 or key2
3) key1 not key2

If no key is filled, the entire database is displayed.

When in the listing page, use [backspace] or the [return] link at the bottom of the list, to return for this screen.

Courses and license of use for developers and companies available only with the original author. (C)FJCT, 2000,2019

Type the search keys, order select, and button List: